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2019 – Korea India Joint Issue Presentation Pack

2019 - Korea India Joint Issue Presentation Pack Pack contains: Sheetlet, 2v FDC (2 diff) and One Broucher (blank) Korea-India Joint Issue Si...

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  • 2019 - Korea India Joint Issue Presentation Pack
  • Pack contains: Sheetlet, 2v FDC (2 diff) and One Broucher (blank)

    Korea-India Joint Issue

    Since 1973, when Korea and India first established diplomatic relations. these two countries have maintained strong ties in a number of areas including the economy, culture, and society. Therefore. Korea Post and India Post are pleased to be able to issue the commemorative postage stamps that feature the image of Heo Hwang-0k. a legendary queen who embodies the longstanding friendship between Korea and India. According to "The Record of the Garak Kingdom" in Sainguif Vusa, Queen Heo's last name is Heo. her first name is Hwang-ok. and her posthumous epithet is Bojutaehu, She was born Princess Suriratna in the Ayuta Kingdom. In A.D 48. she arrived on a boat to the kingdom of Gaya and married Kim Suro, the founder and king of Gaya. in order to obey the wishes of her parents who had been ordered in their dreams to send their daughter to King Suro. King Suro and Queen Heo Hwang-ok had ten sons and two daughters, including the Crown Prince who later became the second king of Gaya and was called Geodeungwang. The Pasa Stone Pagoda. which Queen Heo supposedly brought on her journey in order to appease the god of the ocean. can be found next to Surowangbireung. or the Royal Tomb of King Suro's Wife. (Historical Site no. 74) in Gusan-dong, Gimhae-si in South Gyeongsang Province. The Pasa Stone Pagoda is a designated cultural heritage (No. 227) of South Gyeongsang Province. The wishes of the Korea Post is that the joint issuance of the commemorative postage stamps will further strengthen the ties and friendship between Korea and India.

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